Journal Your Garden Progress to Become a Better Gardener

, written by Benedict Vanheems gb flag

Using the Garden Journal

Gardeners never stop learning, and when it comes to gardening, the best education is experience. Keeping a gardening journal is a great way to build up a record of your experience, so you learn from the things that work – and don’t!

Why Use a Garden Journal?

A gardening journal helps you to keep track of what was sown, planted, tended and harvested during the growing season. It gives you control, so you know exactly what you’ve done and which jobs need doing over the coming days and weeks.

By referring back to previous years you can refine timings and methods to reflect the unique conditions in your garden. Did the carrots you started early last spring struggle? You’ll know to sow them a little later next time. Or perhaps your tomatoes failed to ripen. Then learn from that by choosing a faster-maturing variety in future, or starting your tomatoes earlier.

Use a journal to record any pests and diseases you encounter, and the strategies you used to bring them under control. Note things down, remove the guesswork, and you'll steadily improve the way you garden.

A paper diary is useful, but it can be time-consuming hunting for notes you’ve made

Many gardeners use a simple week-to-view diary for day-by-day entries, but accurately recording everything you do can quickly get messy. And what if you also want to include visual records? Perhaps you spotted an unusual bug or maybe you’d like to photograph different lettuce varieties to compare appearance for future reference. Taking photos on the go is easy enough, but adding them to your diary isn’t exactly straightforward.

Introducing the Garden Journal

Since launching our powerful Garden Planner, we've had lots of feedback from gardeners around the world asking for a better way to record what's going on in their garden. We’ve come up with what we believe is a super-convenient, intuitive journal that is a pleasure to use.

Making notes is easy in the Garden Journal, whether you use a PC, tablet or phone

The Garden Journal is a pocket-sized solution for tracking progress in the garden, quickly and easily. Access it from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can instantly upload photos and notes, straight from your device. Its online interface means you can record as you work, building up a Garden Journal of exceptional detail that will help you to learn with every observation, note and photo you add.

And the best bit? It’s completely free to use!

Record Your Gardening

So let’s take a look at how it works. You can access the Garden Journal by logging in to your Garden Planner account and clicking the Garden Journal link. The Journal is divided up by weeks. When you open it up it automatically shows the current week, but you can choose to view a different week from the Timeline at the top.

You can add your own notes, observations, and ideas, or click on any of the Planting, Watering, Tending or Harvesting options to record what you’re doing. The Tending option is further divided so you can specify whether you’ve weeded, fertilized, transplanted, mulched or pruned.

The Garden Journal enables you to quickly record your gardening activities so you know what you’ve accomplished

Let’s say you’re planting tomatoes. After selecting the planting option, start typing ‘Tomato’ (or scroll down through the list of plants) and then select the tomato icon. You can also record the variety you’re growing by clicking on the number in the Varieties column next to the plant name. The next step is to record the quantity and whether they were planted as seeds or plants.

When you’re done, you’ll see that the Planting icon for that day has been updated. As you add more records to the week, the icons and + buttons build up a visual summary of your activity.

A glance at the Timeline at the top of the page provides a snapshot of your weekly activity: light green indicates Planting, blue indicates Watering, purple indicates Tending; orange indicates Harvesting; and darker green shows the weeks where you’ve made notes.

Instantly add photos to your Garden Journal

Adding a photo to your Garden Journal is easy – you can drag and drop photos, or select photos from a folder. If you’re using a phone or tablet, you can take a photo there and then for immediate upload.

It’s easy to change anything, at any time. Select a day or directly select an icon, view the details then change the quantity or planting method. Or, select one of the plant symbols to clear that entry and start afresh. To edit an entry from a previous week, simply select the week from the Timeline, then select ‘Edit it’ to do so in exactly the same way.

Plan Ahead with the Garden Journal

Efficient gardeners plan ahead, and the Garden Journal helps you to do just that. Click on a future week to add a reminder. Make a note to yourself – you can add a related plant here too. Once you’re done, your reminder is logged for reference. You can edit or delete reminders at any time.

You'll also find seasonally-relevant gardening guides here as a source of timely ideas and to help you plan. Read more, look up other growing advice, then go back to your Garden Journal.

Use the Reminder feature to schedule tasks for the future so you never forget!

Weeks further into the future display typical highs and lows for those dates, while the current week includes an up-to-date weather forecast so you can, for example, plan the best days to be out in the garden, or when to protect against frost.

As your Garden Journal develops, you’ll be able to look back at previous weeks, months and years to see what you did when, gaining a better understanding of your gardening and learning from your own unique experiences. Or jog your memory next year by adding reminders for the following season.

It’s all very powerful stuff! To start using the Garden Journal – for free! – login to your account at the top right corner of your screen, or click on Create an Account.

And this is just the start - we have plenty of new features planned and would love to receive your ideas too. Let us know what you think of the Garden Journal in the comments section below.

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"Looks great, but I cant find a link on either my PC or my Iphone app. Where is it? "
Marge on Friday 18 May 2018
"Oops seems like it just showed up on my PC, at the Welcome screen which wasnt there before. Now just need to find it on my iphone app. "
Marge on Friday 18 May 2018
"Really excited about the journal but wish there was an android app!! Unless I'm not seeing it? IPhones aren't the only ones out there ??"
Megan K Rein on Friday 18 May 2018
"Hi Marge and Megan. The Garden Journal isn't available as an app or as a feature within an existing app - it's accessed online, via your web browser. Head to then either login to your existing account, or create a new account by clicking on the 'Create an account' option at the top-right of the homepage. Then, once you're signed in, just click on the Journal button to bring it up."
Ben Vanheems on Friday 18 May 2018
"Any plans to include it with the Garden Planning app already in existence?"
Marge on Friday 18 May 2018
"Wouldn't it make sense to integrate the journal with the app? so that you can make notes about what you have planted alongside the entry on your plans? And with dates for each crop (when sown/planted/thinned harvested. But also searchable, please, outside the actual plan. Speaking for myself, I only use the app, as that is the most convenient when gardening."
Ian Litterick on Friday 18 May 2018
"Hi Marge and Ian. We are currently working on a new version of the Garden Planner. The Garden Journal is the first fruits of this work and will be integrated with the Garden Planner when the new version is released, which we expect to be ready by early 2020. Thanks for your feedback - and your patience - in the meantime! "
GrowVeg Customer Support on Friday 18 May 2018
"So the journal is only for a pc or mac? That's not very convenient. I take my iPhone to the garden, not my MacBook Pro. So I'm a bit confused. I take pictures of everything I do in the garden on my iPhone. I currently just keep notes in my iPhone notes under Gardening and then the Year (Fall/Summer). So this would mean I would then have to remember what I did when I got back inside, which may be after I leave the garden and house and come back 10 hours later. And so the only option is to get on my computer and start logging in everything? Please advise Thanks Debby"
Deborah Kaplan on Saturday 19 May 2018
"Hi Deborah. The Garden Journal will work on any Internet-connected smartphone or tablet as well as PC and Mac. Currently the Garden Planner only works on computers, but we're working on that!"
GrowVeg Customer Support on Saturday 19 May 2018
"Hello Again! Don't get me wrong. I appreciate all the hard work that went into the garden journal. I just thought that when I saw the phone in use it was an app we could use on our phone. I do hope in the future there is an iPhone app we can use for the journal and log as we go in the garden. If there is, and I'm missing something, please advise. I love your videos and website. I've learned a lot. Thank you again, Debby"
Deborah Kaplan on Saturday 19 May 2018
"Hi Deborah, the Garden Journal works on all devices including phones and tablets. You don't install it from an App Store, instead it's accessed through your web browser so you can use it from your phone in your garden. Hope that clears up your questions."
GrowVeg Customer Support on Saturday 19 May 2018
"Wow! You answer quickly!! Oh yes, I guess you're in the UK, and you're already up!! OK, so all I have to do is log in on my iPhone, yes? That's great. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I can't wait to use this. It certainly beats keeping a written journal in my phone for the watering and fertilizing. I had to scroll back months!! Thanks again, Keep up the great work. Debby :)"
Deborah Kaplan on Saturday 19 May 2018
"Yes, just login on GrowVeg on your iPhone by tapping on the menu button at the top of the page, then tap on Garden Journal (2nd item in the list). If you need any assistance using the Journal at any point, please contact customer support directly by tapping on Contact Us (6th item in the same list). We're available 7 days a week for help and advice."
GrowVeg Customer Support on Saturday 19 May 2018
"I can't seem to find a link for the Garden Journal.... where is it?"
Gary on Friday 15 June 2018
"Hi Gary. If you scroll up to the top of the page and click on the 'Journal' tab on the menu bar, that should take you to the Garden Journal sign up page. You will need to create a new account to get started."
Ben Vanheems on Friday 15 June 2018
"thanks Ben.... I was under the impression it was an app and I see nothing regarding signing up or creating a new account on that page. It just opens a seemingly "start journaling" page."
Gary on Friday 15 June 2018
"Just started my journal today, beginning with what I did a couple of days ago (watering). I selected all the various plants in my veggie garden. When I moved on the the next day and started to record watering with fish emulsion, I was not happy to see that I had to re-select all of the veggies again. Is there a way around that? I will definitely not be recording what I do each day, if it means spending the time to select over 20 different plants each time!"
Shari on Tuesday 19 June 2018
"Hi Gary. If you've already created a Garden Planner account, you'll be able to start using the Garden Journal without needing to create a new account."
GrowVeg Customer Support on Wednesday 20 June 2018
"Hi Shari. You'll be pleased to know that our talented technical team are currently working to make it easier to re-select plants you've already specified are in your garden. We appreciate your patience in the meantime!"
GrowVeg Customer Support on Wednesday 20 June 2018
"Excellent — thanks! Will that change (being able to re-select plants) be announced somehow? Once that’s an option, I’ll start using the journal."
Shari on Thursday 21 June 2018
"Hi Shari. We'll be in touch to let you know when the update goes live. Thanks for your interest!"
GrowVeg Customer Support on Friday 22 June 2018
"Looks like a great tool and I am looking forward to trying it.. is there a way of adding other tasks completed such as turning the compost or mulching a bed?"
Anthony on Friday 7 September 2018
"Hi Anthony. I'm sure you'll find the Garden Journal an indispensable tool. Many of the options have a drop-down list of activities. So for mulching, for example, you would click on the Tending option and then you'd be able to select Mulching from the list. For activities that aren't specified, which includes turning the compost, you would simply add a typed note about that activity, with or without an accompanying photo. Of course, the best way to get familiar with the Garden Journal is to create an account and have a play around with it. You can always practice, then delete what you've created to start 'properly'. Have fun!"
Ben Vanheems on Monday 10 September 2018
"Is there a plan to monetize the Journal so that access would only be paid? Obviously i do not want to get all my info in an app and then not have a way to keep it if it becomes monetized and the info is not downloadable...."
marrei on Wednesday 13 February 2019
"Hi Marrei. The Garden Journal will always be free to use, but there will be additional features in future that are available to Garden Planner subscribers only. More details to be announced at a later date..."
GrowVeg Customer Support on Wednesday 13 February 2019
"Really excited to hear that the Journal and Planner are to be linked. "
Sam on Monday 11 March 2019
"I love the garden journal. Its fantastic. Growveg has helped me so much. I have learned everything for my allotment from you. Thank you?? Catriona"
Catriona Griffiths on Monday 18 March 2019
"Hi Catriona. That's really splendid to hear. I'm so pleased you're finding the Journal useful. Thanks for the kind feedback."
Ben Vanheems on Tuesday 19 March 2019
"Really looking forward to the Android App for the Garden Journal! "
Antoinette on Saturday 13 April 2019
"Hi Antoinette. The Garden Journal can already be used on any smartphone or tablet. Tap on the menu button (three horizontal lines) at the top of your screen on this site, and then login to your Garden Planner account. You'll see the link to open the Garden Journal as the second option in the center of the page. The Garden Journal is web-based, so there's no need to download anything to your device. "
Garden Planner Customer Support on Saturday 13 April 2019
"I love your planner app. (I have used it for years and have helped family and friends get set up on it). I am just playing around with the Journal app. Most of all, I love your content: your wonderfully helpful and instructive videos and blogs. Bless you all. To process and implement all of the great content you provide, it would be helpful if the garden journal had a category to track what users are learning, researching, discovering (insights) or simply future planning (i.e.: what to do next season or next year, varieties to try in the future, etc.). An example: I have my first strawberry plant. I was delighted to learn about how I can propagate new plants from runners year 3-on (and all the helpful details). I put a link to that great vlog as well as the supplemental grow guide - but there's nowhere to "file" (or start) it in the journal (much less a reminder for two years' from now). Perhaps "Future" could simply be a drop down menu under "Planting"? The "strawberry" tag will definitely help me but perhaps there should be a category for that? After all, that's what the journal's all about, right? Recording insights to implement for the future. Now that I think about it, I could simply use tags (Spring, 2021, propagate, strawberries, etc.) but the suggestion is still worth considering. On that same point: on my laptop/phone Calendar, I set up a green color-coded "Gardening" calendar where I put "Honey Do" reminders and appointments but it'd be GREAT if the Garden Planner/Journal was integrated with say something like Google Calendar/Gmail (where G-mailed events get put automatically in the calendar that can then be synchronize to any device (a free middle man, so to speak - it's an idea - or at least a starting place concept for your brilliant solutions team). I save and tag your vlogs into Evernote but it'd be fantab if it were all in one contained GrowVeg silo. I know you are working hard towards that - and THANK YOU! PS: For what it's worth: I use an iPhone and a MacBook Pro (and Air). My boyfriend is on a PC with an Samsung Android phone, so we are a dual-platform home, so being web-based seems easiest (for you - and fine for us). PPS.: You asked for feedback so... not to Christmas List updates but... ;-) it'd be cool if nutritional and/or plant family info were integrated. Maybe the latter is just a tag but since this is all focused on growing VEG ;-) a right click to all the reasons why (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc.) might be wonderful motivation! And recipes ;-) would be great, too! Even linking to another site (ie: AllRecipes - or even user submitted (canning, preserves, etc.). Okay, done now. ;-)"
Heather Hale on Saturday 17 August 2019
"Nice look and easy to use. I totally support having integration with a calendar. Google is my choice but I would change calendars if there were integration. You have all the plant/seed varieties (or most) but I was expecting there would be Journal entries - or maybe email reminders? Best time to fertilize. Best time to transplant. Start watching for harvest. This would really help; even though I am an experienced gardener, I take after my Mom and always try new things almost every year so always learning! "
Kathy Hacmac on Saturday 4 April 2020
"Hi Kathy, thanks for taking the time to send us your feedback. The Garden Planner (which is linked to your Journal if you have a subscription) includes recommending sowing, planting/transplanting and harvesting times based on your location. We don't specify recommended dates for other tasks like watering and fertilizing though because these can vary depending on your garden's microclimate, your soil type and fertility, prevailing weather conditions etc. However we're always looking for ways to make the Journal even more useful so I'll forward your suggestions on to our development team. Best of luck with your garden this year - keep on learning! It's always fun to try new things in the garden."
GrowVeg Customer Support on Saturday 4 April 2020
"Any plans in the future to add a space to record rainfall in the journal? Would also like to add the current market price when harvesting a product. E.g if I harvest 5kg of carrots would like to add the market price for the product to calculate cost savings etc. Is any of these an option somewhere else I've missed. Regards"
Irma Oberholzer on Wednesday 15 April 2020
"Hi Irma. I'd recommend clicking on the + button on the relevant day to record rainfall and other observations. I will forward your suggestions on to our development team. "
Ann Marie Hendry on Wednesday 15 April 2020
"Hi, first of all congratulations on both your garden planner (which I'm using for the second year) as well as the journal (which I just discovered)!! For the journal, I was wondering wether with all of the inputs we could get a "my year in a glimpse" or "overview of the month" kind of thing in order to better plan for next year without havint to scrool through every week or having to program every single step. is this an option already existing which I might have missed? also, when you are linking it to the garden planner, it would be great if you could do it the other way around. let's say I'm in my Garden planner, month of april, where I've planned peas and lettuce in the ground during April. the garden journal would allow me to be more specific, by allowing me to select the peas and choose "planted today" or select lettuce and choose "harvested today". this way integration would be 100% complete, allowing for both a vision of "how my garden looks like Today" as well as "this month". best and congrats again to all of the team!"
Erica on Sunday 19 April 2020
"Hi Erica. Many thanks for taking the time to send us your feedback. We will be introducing the ability to create reports such as harvest reports and more closely integrating the Garden Planner and Journal in the future, so I'll forward your comments on to our development team for their consideration. Glad to hear you're enjoying using our apps!"
GrowVeg Customer Support on Tuesday 21 April 2020
"Could you add 'hardening off' to the tending key in the journal, as this needs to be undertaken prior to transplanting."
Tanya on Wednesday 20 May 2020
"Thanks for your suggestion Tanya - I will forward this on to our development team as a feature request. In the meantime I'd recommend using the Notes box to record when you've begun hardening off your plants."
Garden Journal Customer Support on Wednesday 20 May 2020
"I can't find a way of searching the journal which would make finding specific items so much easier. Am I missing something obvious or is this feature just not there?"
George on Sunday 7 June 2020
"Hi George. This is something that is very high up on our development list and will be coming later in the year. For now, if you add hashtags to your journal entries (e.g #greenhouse) then they’ll be searchable just as soon as the feature launches."
Ben Vanheems on Monday 8 June 2020
"Hi Team, I am an avid gardener and new to the Garden Planner - I absolutely love it. I find the Journal a little clumsy, but reading comments above I realise it is very much a work in progress. All of this has reduced hours of research, and negated the need to search many resources- thank you. The only thing missing for me is incorporating gardening according to the phases of the moon. I realise this could be tricky because you are dealing with people across the world, but thought I’d throw it in there. "
June on Saturday 20 June 2020
"I do not have cell service or wifi in my garden, which is where I would like to make journal entries rather than at the house hours later. Are there any plans for an app that would let me record in the field, then upload to my account once I am within wifi or cell range?"
Elizabeth on Sunday 21 June 2020
"Hello! Using app and journal as a new gardener on my a'little'ment and love it! I have probably missed this somewhere so apologies in advance- I have a couple of journal queries- using the journal on Android phone - With the watering guide some of my planted veg varieties had diagonal blue lines in the symbol, what does that mean? Also, on the journal, can I look at the plant information similiar to the garden planner where it gives you planting and care info? Thanks, Marina "
Marina Strotz on Sunday 21 June 2020
"Thanks for the suggestion June! I will forward this on to our development team."
GrowVeg Customer Support on Tuesday 23 June 2020
"Hi Elizabeth. We don't currently have plans to make an offline version of the Journal but I will send your suggestion on to our development team as a feature request."
GrowVeg Customer Support on Tuesday 23 June 2020
"I'm sorry for the delay in replying Marina. The diagonal blue lines indicate that you've marked a variety under that plant as having been watered. You can find the plant grow guides by clicking or tapping on Plants in the main menu.If you have any further questions, for a quicker response please send us a message using the Contact button and our customer support team will be happy to help."
GrowVeg Customer Support on Wednesday 24 June 2020
"Thank you for this amazing tool, it reminds me of my first experience farming with Facebook Farmville game. Now I have decided to do it in real life and I am enjoying every minute of my gardening. I see users referring to the journal... does that refers to the garden planner or is something different? I can't find a journal anywhere... The site has amazing info about plants which has been priceless to my learning curve. Though I find the site somewhat impractical to use at times, e.g. a couple of things would be useful especially for people with physical limitations: a searching tool to enables one to go to the plant needed rather than scrolling across the whole list, and the option to slide the pages down with the mouse rather than to scroll down clicking the sidebars to move across the page. Thanks a million for sharing your knowledge so selflessly, the videos are a gem short and concise full of tips and wisdom and your responses are prompt too. "
Nora on Saturday 4 July 2020
"Hi Nora. I'm glad to hear you're finding our site useful! To open the Journal please click on the Journal link at the top of this page, or click on Garden Journal on your account page. It's not currently accessed from within the Garden Planner itself, but this will change in the future. A search function and the ability to scroll and zoom using your mouse will be included in the new version of the Garden Planner, which will be released later this year. Thanks for your patience in the meantime! "
GrowVeg Customer Support on Saturday 4 July 2020
"This is a wonderful idea. To help me out even more these are the 2 features that I would appreciate seeing. 1) rather than have the week number based on the calendar year, i would like to be able to adjust it with regards to the last frost date and the first frost date. Like this to plan when to sow a certain vegetable x week before last frost, i would know. So last frost week is 1 and the week before are negative. 2) a search engine to be able to retrace certain elements. I can’t wait for the screen touch ability on the iPad!! "
Olga on Tuesday 5 January 2021
"Hi Olga. Thanks so much for these suggestions, that's hugely appreciated. I'll feed this back to our development team for consideration. Thanks again - and I'm pleased you're enjoying the Garden Journal."
Ben Vanheems on Tuesday 5 January 2021
"Hi Olga. Just to add: The Journal can already be used on touchscreen devices, and we are actively working on a search function for the Journal already."
Ben Vanheems on Tuesday 5 January 2021
"I love the Garden planner and the Journal. I didn't think i would use the journal as I have a paper one filed by month that goes back to the mid 80s, however the little coloured icons for planting, watering, tending and harvesting plus the add a photo feature make is brilliant. I also love the way each week is coloured by bars to represent what type of action was taken in each wee. Looking at the comments on this page about an app puzzles me. I really hate apps as there is not enough memory on my phone to add any more apps. Being able to access my journal via the web browser is brilliant. Please don't change it into an app access only. Keep up the good work!"
Ann on Thursday 22 April 2021
"Thanks so much for the feedback Ann, it's really appreciated. I'm delighted you're finding the Journal handy! "
Ben Vanheems on Thursday 22 April 2021
"I have been using your Garden Planner since 2015 and really try to use the Garden Journal to track everything I've done including bolt tightening routine on greenhouse and fish tank maintenance. There is one I really really need in order to see exactly how a single tree or plant has struggled or thrived. See Suggestion #1 Suggestion #1 click on an item and see every entry ever made on it, This is good to read through and see progress and setbacks for example a Peach tree had, what worked to make a bumper crop produced in a single season and what did not. to see when specific tasks in a timeline were done. and I prefer to be able to see the pictures that I've taken through different seasons and years with all of damage, disease, growth. for example: from Grafted peach tree from cutting, grafting, growth per season, any weather damage it may have that may have set it back all the way up through several years of harvest. for that one selected item selected item. suggestion #2 Under the sowing tab you only have "seed" or "plant" I propagate a lot of cuttings. which is neither seed or plant with any sort of root structure. Suggestion #3 Under Maintenace tab "grafting" added. this would need a function of merging 2 plants in the journal into 1 ( 1 root plant + 1 Cutting stock=2 -1) combined-basically removing the root stock plant out of inventory. This would keep accurate number of root stock still available for further grafting. This one is not going to be useful to a huge group, but a luxury to gardening addicts who have to take things to the next level and produce an armys worth of fruit and veggies to feed my whole block of eldery neighbors and all my friends, to not have to go in and delete root stocks. I would completely understand if this doesn't make it into the coding."
Jennifer Schultz on Tuesday 11 January 2022
"Thanks for taking the time to send us your feedback Jennifer! We're always looking for ways to improve and enhance the Garden Journal, so I will forward your comments on to our development team. In the meantime, one thing that might help is if you double-click on a plant in the Garden Planner, you can then click on View Journal History to see all the history associated with that plant. If you're not sure how to do this, please contact Garden Planner Customer Support, who will be happy to help."
Garden Planner Customer Support on Tuesday 11 January 2022
"I see lots of comments about wanting an app - no idea why as apps just fill up the phone memory! The Journal works fine on my browser in my Phone although I prefer to type with a keyboard from laptop as one finger typing is a right pain. "
Ann on Tuesday 11 January 2022
"Having a journal that you cannot search is pretty useless. I have been using it for a year and it seems to be a big waste of time. Any plans on making this searchable? I don't want to look at all entries to find out when or how I planted something. "
sw on Thursday 20 January 2022
"Thanks for taking the time to send us your feedback. It's not currently possible to search the Garden Journal I'm afraid, but I will forward your email on to our development team as a feature request. In the meantime, you can view all your Journal history for a specific plant in the Garden Planner. Open the Garden Planner then double-click on a plant in your plan, or click on it once then click the Edit Item button in your plan's toolbar. This will open the Plant Edit box. Click the 'More info and Journal history' link, then click on the Journal History tab. The Journal History tab includes all of the information you’ve recorded about that plant in your Journal, including dates you planted, watered, tended or harvested it. If you’ve tagged the plant in your notes, these will be shown here too. Click on the year to show your Journal history for a different year. Click on any of the Activity Filters to display only entries relating to that filter, for instance Planting. Click the arrow to return to viewing all activities. If you have any questions please just use the Contact form to email us and we'll be happy to assist further."
Garden Planner Customer Support on Thursday 20 January 2022
"I'm sure this has been requested before, but what the garden planner needs is some kind of reporting. Maybe a spreadsheet type list showing all the plants and what was done to which one when. I'm thinking for each variety a list showing date sown, transplanted and harvested. It would be even better if it could show multiple years in one report so you could easily compare progress from year to year. Better still if it could be exported as a csv."
Dennis Cloutier on Tuesday 1 February 2022
"Hi Dennis. I will forward your suggestions on to our development team, but in the meantime you can view all your Journal history for a specific plant in the Garden Planner. Open the Garden Planner then double-click on a plant in your plan, or click on it once then click the Edit Item button in your plan's toolbar. This will open the Plant Edit box. Click the 'More info and Journal history' link, then click on the Journal History tab. The Journal History tab includes all of the information you’ve recorded about that plant in your Journal, including dates you planted, watered, tended or harvested it. If you’ve tagged the plant in your notes, these will be shown here too. Click on the year to show your Journal history for a different year. Click on any of the Activity Filters to display only entries relating to that filter, for instance Planting. Click the arrow to return to viewing all activities. I hope that helps!"
Garden Planner Customer Support on Tuesday 1 February 2022

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