Lumbricus terrestris
Also known as Common Earthworm


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Host Plants:

Where Found:

Worldwide except in Arctic climates


The common earthworm is a large, earthy-red-coloured worm which spends all of its life living below the soil surface, although it will emerge above ground when the earth becomes saturated or airless. They produce faeces that appear on the surface of soil and lawns as worm casts.

Beneficial Because:

Earthworm burrows help to aerate soil and improve drainage. Their faeces (worm casts) are a rich source of nutrients for growing plants and help to condition soil.

Food and Habitat:

The common earthworm burrows deep tunnels in the soil. It feeds on decaying vegetation and occasionally dead invertebrates.

Attracting More:

Leave fallen leaves on the surface of flowerbeds. Worms will pull them into the soil for food.

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